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  • Green Almonds 16 oz

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    Green Almonds اللوز الأخضر

    These immature almonds are a spring and summertime favorite all over the world. Simply wash with cold water and eat the entire almond with or without salt. The are fresh, crunchy and delicious. 

    Please be aware at the beginning of the season these almonds arrive in varying sizes from small to large but are generally on the smaller side. As the season progresses they grow in size and the overall quality improves. Towards the end of the season they mature and have to be cracked and only the inside can be consumed.

    Due to the perishable nature of this product, we will only ship it out when it will arrive to you within the same week. If not, we will delay the order till the following Monday.

    Please note, neither Hashems nor UPS will be responsible for the condition in which this product arrives. There is no refunds, no returns or exchanges on this product, order at your own risk. We suggest shipping next day air if possible. Almonds are weighed wet from the farms which gives us no control over the final weight. Your bag may be a few ounces over or a few ounces under the stated weight.

    We have been shipping this product so far with zero complaints, all almonds are shipped out fresh, firm and delicious.

    Please remove any stems before eating.

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