Mya Mozza II Hookah Pink 29" Shisha

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The Mya Mozza II Hookah is one of the best selling hookahs we have both online and at our retail locations. Its beautiful sleek and modern design is guaranteed to turn heads and goes well with any decor. Yes the Mozza II is one of the sexiest hookahs around. This is a quality built hookah that was made to last. You don't have to pay $300 for a great hookah anymore, the Mozza II will smoke just as good, if not better than any other hookah out there. It has a great pull ensuring every draw will be easy and smooth. The super long hose is great and you easily convert this hookah into a 2 hose simply by adding a Mya adapter which is also sold on our website. One puff from this bad boy and you will be in hookah heaven. Its super easy to set up and clean. It stands 29 inches tall when fully assembled and breaks to fit in its convenient carrying tin. The stem will fit into any standard champagne or wine bottle, meaning should you ever break the water vase, it will be quick and easy to replace. All hoses and hookahs go through a our 9 point quality control checklist before being shipped out to you. Rest assured everything you order from us will be proper working condition. The first time, every time.

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