How to make Turkish coffee


3 cups cold water; preferably natural spring water

¾ cup Hashems Turkish coffee

Sugar to taste;

Bring 3 cups of water to boil in the Turkish coffee pot

When the water comes to a boil, take the pot off the flame, add desired amount of sugar and mix thoroughly. Do not add sugar while pot is still on the flame as it will boil over.

Water temperature will greatly affect the final product; you may take the water off the flame as soon as it begins to boil if you want a thicker, more velvety coffee or a rolling boil if you don’t want it as thick.

Add Turkish coffee to the pot and stir until well mixed.

Caution!!!!! Follow these next steps carefully or coffee will boil over creating a big mess.

Return pot to the flame under medium heat while constantly stirring the top half of the coffee in the pot. If you see the coffee begin to rise then lift the pot of the flame while stirring.

Now while coffee is on the flame stop stirring and let the coffee in the pot begin to rise, when it starts to rise, slightly stir and remove from the flame. You want to repeat this step three times. The trick is to let the coffee rise as high as you can without it boiling over.

Now turn off the flame.

Cover the pot with a small plate to keep warm and let rest for around 3 minutes to let the grounds settle to the bottom.

Then pour and enjoy. Be sure not to pour the coffee at the bottom of the pot as you will be serving the grounds.

When serving coffee to multiple quests, it is customary to pour just a little in each person’s cup first and then go back and fill the cups all the way, so that everyone may get a little bit of the “crema” of the top of the pot.

A glass of cold water should be served with the coffee.

After a person drinks the coffee, it is a tradition to leave a very small amount in the bottom of the cup and flip the cup upside down for a minute or so. When you flip it back over, there will be different designs that the grounds create on the walls of the cup that can be read by someone who is a fortune teller!!!

This video will give step by step instructions on how to make Turkish coffee.

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