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1. Sign up for our Affiliate Program and we will grant you access to our affiliates page.

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For example, if a visitor is referred from your site and buys $50 dollars worth of any product, you receive $3.50
You can also simply email a link to friends and family, if they make a purchase you will earn the same 7% commission.

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Heres the best part.... Your commissions are lifetime! Yes you heard us right. As long as your referral orders once a year you will continue to earn money every time that customer places an order!

About Hashems.com

Hashems.com is a family owned and operated Middle Eastern food website with over 50 years of experience. We specialize in roasting fine Turkish coffee, roasted nuts and hand mixed spices. We also offer a wide range of fresh baked baklava. We import goods from all over the Middle East and pride ourselves on quality and excellent customer service. We carry over 1000 food and non food Middle Eastern items on our website.

Why Join Our Program?

*Its 100% Free

*Its an easy way to generate income

*Earn a full 7% commission on every order placed

*We do all the work, we pack, ship and take care of all the customer service, all you do is wait for your check at the end of
  each month.

*Our Affiliate Programs are completely transparent. You will be able to log on to our website and view your referral statistics and commission earned.

*We pay lifetime commissions!

We will pay 7% on all sales.

$1000 sales earns you 7%=70
$2000 sales earns you 7%=140
$3000 sales earns you 7%=210

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(Commissions are tracked by cookies and they are good for one year. If a customer does not place an order for one year those cookies expires and you will not earn a comission. If a customer places multiple orders throughout the year, then every time an order is placed, the cookies will renew for a full year!)


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Hashems Nuts and Coffee Gallery is a Middle Eastern Foods company. Our main offerings include: Turkish Coffee, Roasted Nuts, Middle Eastern Spices, Baklava, Fresh Baked Pita Bread and many other traditional specialty foods.