Bassma Baklava | Order Fresh Baked Bassma | Artisan Quality


Bassma Baklava | Order Fresh Baked Bassma | Artisan Quality

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Bassma Baklava

What is Bassma?
Delicious Turkish pine nuts and the world’s best cashews are mixed together and sandwiched between exquisite kunafa dough. Kunafa dough
is the same dough used to make “Kunafa bi Jebeen” (Kunafa with Cheese). Bassma has a semi chewy texture.
How is Bassma Made?
First the kunafa dough is spread onto a baking sheet. A mixture of ground Turkish pine nuts and pistachios are layered on top of the kunafa dough.
A second layer of ground kunafa is then placed on top of the ground nuts and the whole tray is pressed together and baked. Yes the process
is a little more involved than that, but you get the idea.


Kunafa Dough, water, salt, sugar, ghee, nuts, oil and natural flavors.

This product is made in a facility that processes other nuts. Products may be sprinkled with pistachios. If you have any type of allergies, please contact
us for further information.


All weights & counts approx.  

Weight 5.3 lbs


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