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  • ai Mixed Baklava Half Tray 30oz

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    Baklava 27 piece half tray assortment. Our best seller. 

     Baklava Fingers:   Cashew filled baklava rolls

    So your looking where to buy baklava online and you have stumbled upon our baklava bakery.

    Our passionately handcrafted, 40 layer baklava is baked fresh only hours before we deliver it to you. For over 50 years our bakers have made only the finest Middle Eastern pastries and have followed a generations old, authentic baklava recipe. Our baklava is a lightly sweetened, delicate dessert made with only the finest ingredients.

    What Is Baklava?

    Baklava has a rich history that dates back hundreds of years and has been claimed by many ethnic groups. Its delicious and complex flavor is celebrated by people around the world. 

    Phyllo dough, which is paper-thin sheets of dough, is layered 40 times or more and stuffed with fresh nuts such as pistachio and walnuts. Natural ingredients such as pure butter ghee, rose water and orange blossom water are also used. These delicate pastries are then gently soaked in a lightly sweetened syrup and baked to perfection.

    Serving Suggestion 

    Baklava is the perfect after dinner dessert and also goes extremely well with coffee and tea, so feel free to serve it to guests on any occasion. Try it with our signature Hashems Turkish Coffee.
    Also try serving baklava with delicious halva ice cream on the side. To make halva ice cream simply take 1 pint pure vanilla bean ice cream (softened) and fold into it 3oz of halva. Baklava can be stored at room temperature for 30 days and in the fridge for up to 45 days. Best served at room temperature. 

    Baklava Gift

    Because baklava is such and esquisite pastry, it makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Are you tired of taking the same old cake or chocolate when visiting friends and loved ones? Then baklava is the perfect choice to impress anyone your visiting. 

    Baklava Ingredients 

    Phyllo dough, clarified butter, nuts, sugar syrup, sugar and natural flavors.
    This product is made in a facility that processes other nuts. Products may be sprinkled with pistachios. If you have any type of allergies, please contact us for further information.

    This product is fresh baked to order and only shipped on Mondays to ensure the highest quality. Orders Must be placed by Thursday or they will be shipped the following Monday.


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    Thomas Henzling commented on 28-Sep-2012 04:27 PMRating: 5 out of 5 stars
    I love baklava and this by far the best i ever had. And the price is great.

    P.S. The gentlemen who took my order was very nice! Thanks for the samples.
    Ali Hamdan commented on 27-Dec-2012 05:01 PMRating: 5 out of 5 stars
    I live in Kansas and there is no where to get descent baklava. This baklava is delicious and the best part is its not to sweet and I can easily eat 3 or 4 pieces. Thanks again.
    Sarah k commented on 01-Feb-2013 10:09 AMRating: 5 out of 5 stars
    Ive paid double the price for baklava that was half as good. Thanks Sam!
    Al S commented on 24-Sep-2018 12:01 PMRating: 5 out of 5 stars
    My wife bought this for a party we were hosting. Everyone loved it. Delicious food always from Hashem's. They impress me each time I order from them.

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