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  • aa Extra Mixed Nuts 16oz

    Price: $10.95

    1-4 $10.95
    5-9 $10.50
    10+ $9.97


    This mix is a top seller! We took all the favorites and put them into one perfect mix. Always fresh and always delicious, these nuts are perfect for any party, engagement, gathering, when the big game is on or just as a snack. We roast the majority of our nuts on a daily basis, ensuring you get the freshest nuts.

    Contains: Salted cashew, sea salted almonds, roasted almonds, bbq almonds, shamsi pistachio, California pistachio, bbq pistachio, Arabic style kri kri, hazelnuts and white pumpkin seeds.

    Some products not always available, mix may vary slightly. 

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    Collen D. Concord, NC commented on 04-Oct-2012 05:38 PMRating: 5 out of 5 stars
    Hashems roasts the best nuts you will ever eat!! We live in Charlotte N.C. There is no store down here where they sell fresh roasted nuts of this quality. My Dad lives close to Hashems. That is how we discovered it. We always shop there.

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