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Spices and herbs are the foundation of your recipes. Middle Eastern cooking traditionally uses a vast array of spices like; Turmeric, paprika, cumin, zaatar and blends such as 7 spice, falafel, kibbeh and more.

Below you will find fresh and fragrant spices from around the world. We offer many hard to find whole, mixed and ground spices.

Ground Spices

Ground Spices

Our spices are fresh ground daily with no artificial colors or fillers. Shop now for a large selection at great prices.

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Mixed Spices

Mixed Spices

Shop for truly authentic spices blends such as 7 spice, falafel and shawarma. We have been mixing spices daily since 1959.

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Whole Spices

Whole Spices

We carry a wide range of whole spices ready to be ground fresh. Buy the best exotic and delicious whole spices at Hashems Roastery & Market.

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  • Dried Black Limes- Whole 5lb Loomi Basra

    Price: $44.95


    Commonly mistaken as being dried lemon, this citrusy fruit is actually a fresh lime that has been boiled in salt water and dried in the sun until the insides turn black. The limes range in color from tan to black. This result in an intense, lemony taste that goes especially well with chicken and seafood. Adding a few dried limes to the pot when boiling meats or chicken helps to get rid of that bad taste that is sometimes present. Its also known as, Loomi Basra, Dried Lime, Loomi, Amani, Omani, Noomi Basra, Black Lemon and Black Lime.

    The Limes you will receive will most likely be darker in color than what's shown in the picture.  

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    mtb commented on 10-Mar-2016 10:10 PMRating: 5 out of 5 stars
    Very good quality.

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