Thanks for the order, I love your coffee sooooo much and your service is excellent too!
- G. A. EL Cajon, CA

I wanted to thank you for the great and fast service. We always can count on
Hashem's for the best coffee and mixed nuts made exactly to our order.

- Mohamad Achmar Plano, TX

I’ve been a loyal customer for over 15 years and I'm happy I can order the coffee online to be shipped directly to me instead of asking family members to bring it back with them to California!
- Abbey A. Chula Vista, Ca

I was very happy with the quality of the products I purchased, and I was
pleased with the way they were shipped. I will do it again.


We have been ordering your coffee for over a year now. It is by far the best coffee we have ever had. Ever since we started drinking your coffee, it is the only coffee we buy.
- Migdalia C. South bend, IN

You are a great company; your employees are very nice and honest.
- Morhaf, Mobile, AL

Excellent, authentic coffee!
- Waseem. T. Kansas City, MO

You guys are great! Keep up the good work.
- Hamad A. Bozeman, MT

Great communication, will resolve any issue you might have.
- Shaher M. Baltimore, MD

I have always been very satisfied with my orders, and I am sure that this order will be as smooth as all my prior purchases!
- Bassam A. Port Jefferson, NY

Hashems roasts the best nuts you will ever eat!! We live in Charlotte N.C. There is no store down here where they sell fresh roasted nuts of this quality. My Dad lives close to Hashems. That is how we discovered it. We always shop there.
- Collen D. Concord, NC

I received my order today and everything arrived in excellent condition, I was a little worried about the olives in the glass jars but I got them and they taste great. Thank you so much.
- K. D. Baltimore, MD

Amazing selection of quality goods with quality service to boot. Coffee, coffee, coffee!!!! Spices, nuts, and more nuts!!!

Yay hashems!!!

- Clark D. Fenton Township, MI

I was in MI visiting from DC and one of the requests from my family was to bring back some nuts and candies. I found Hashems Nuts & Coffee just by driving through Dearborn. So I decided to stop in and see what they had since the name sounded promising. I'm so GLAD I stopped into this store. Not only are the two guys behind the counter super nice and friendly they really helped me out when it came to picking out the best treats to bring back to DC! Everything I purchased between the nuts and candies were super fresh and tasty. Highly recommended store and exceptional service! :) Fair prices and great customer service.
- Maggie M. Fairfax, VA

I've visited some coffee shops & this has by far has been the best. I visited on a quest for espresso. As a novice espresso brewer (even though I drink ALOT of espresso) I needed help. I walked in and was lost in the wall of coffee beans that hits you at the front door. As I gazed at the massive amount of fresh coffee beans a person who worked there interjected. He explained the difference in grounds, what espresso really was, and how to get a good cup of espresso. I walked out with a big bag of espresso, a new found knowledge of espresso, cool ranch flavored corn nuts (SO GOOD), and tips for my new Mr. Coffee machine. I must say that my espresso brewing anxiety was lowered after my visit to Hashems Nuts & Coffee! I went home & made a bomb double shot of espresso with just the right crema. Take that big chain coffee chains!
- Nina M. Detroit, MI

It's rare to find a store owner who comes across as genuinely excited about what s/he's doing. The brilliant thing about Hashems is that the owner, Sam, very obviously is interested in and cares about the product he sells. Hashems has what counts:

Good coffee? Check!
Good roasted nuts? Check!
Proprietary secret Turkish coffee blend that has been passed through the family for generations? Check!

As a bit of a coffee snob, I get pretty picky when I'm talking coffee in a place that sells it. Not so in Hashems. This place is great. They know what they're doing, and they do it very well. They have a good selection of coffee and, as a hobby coffee roaster, I was happy to see they also had raw columbian coffee for somewhere around 5 bucks a pound, which will save me from buying it for 5 bucks a pound plus shipping from some other place.

In addition to selling coffee, they sell roasted nuts that are reasonably priced and also very good (I got some almonds). And I didn't check out the rest of the store, but it looked like they had general grocery items as well. It almost doesn't matter. I went there for the coffee. The telling part of my visit, though, was when Sam said, "if you like what you got, you HAVE to come back and try our Turkish Coffee. That's our bread and butter." I've not had Turkish Coffee before, but I'm intrigued, for sure. Since I'm writing this review while drinking my first cup from the beans I bought yesterday, I think I will be going here often.

The bottom line is if you like coffee, you need to at the very least try Hashems. My bet is that once you'll go, you'll want to go back, and you'll want to send your friends there.

- Stephen B. Detroit, MI

Delicious and inexpensive roasted nuts. I stopped in to get a blend of unsalted nuts, and left with a custom blend that is delicious. In addition, I also left with some of the most delicious turkish style pistachios I have ever tasted.

I will be back to buy some of their coffee soon. The owner was very helpful and friendly. Give this place a try if you like nuts!

- Rodger W. Grosse Ile, MI

I love Hashems. Anytime I want to get a Coffee Lover some of the best I go there. The owner is super friendly and is willing to help you find the perfect blend. I was debating whether to get some of the flavored coffees and he gave me some samples to take home!

I first came across Hashems during a book event at the Arab American National Museum. They served Turkish Coffee that was so good! I always recommend Hashems for anyone asking me about where to buy Coffee, Nuts or Spices.

- Kristin L. Mt Pleasant, MI

Everything I have purchased from Hashems is top quality, from nuts to coffee to spices. I order online and always receive my purchase in a timely manner.
- Najah A. Lexington, KY

Hi, I Live in MN ,Hashems Nuts & Coffee Has the best coffee ever ,I can not start my day without drinking their coffee, every thing they have is very nice .
I do recommend them to friends

- Yasser H. Minneapolis, MN

my wife makes english toffee every year for holiday gifts. the toffee requires split almonds. in the past we would have to prepare the almonds from scratch. until this year when we found hashems. they have the very best already spilt almonds. they are huge and deleious. it is saving us so much time and the toffee is the best ever.
great service and best almonds you'll ever try.

- Ralph S. Sedona, AZ

I don’t know what you guys put in your Turkish coffee, but I am absolutely addicted! It’s unlike any other coffee I have ever had. This is my third order and I can’t wait to get it.
- A.J. B. Jacksonville, FL

Born and raised in Dearbon, I've been around Arabic foods and grocery stores and specialty shops such as Hashem's for many years. I can tell you that they have a wonderful variety of items that are sure to delight you. Fresh and great tasting, Hashem's products are a must try! I don't live in Dearborn anymore, but whenever I'm down there, I stop by Hashem's to pick up supplies.
- Dawn S. East Tawas, MI

I have never been to Hashems before but I was told about their web site for ordering. I had been looking for a good place to get my arabic products and nuts act. When I visited their site I was in awe!! I found everything I wanted and more. I have placed a couple of orders from them and received everything in a good time frame and everything was good and fresh!! I will be placing an order again soon!!
- Helen F. Jacksonville, FL

I have to say that I have searched for over twenty years to find a wonderful place like Hashems. One day I found them online and thought I would try one last time at finding the real thing. I live in the Northern Virginia / DC area, but I am from a very large Lebanese community in Southern West Virginia and Kfeir Lebanon. Although we have Lebanese deli's and restaurants here in DC, they just can't compare. When you don't have the time to make it yourself, no one makes it taste like home more than Hashems. Their prices are wonderful and the quality is out of this world. From their Halawa to their Maamoul to their Olive Oils to their nuts, their service is fast and products fresh. I already plan on sending out Hashems for Christmas gifts. I just can't do any better than that!! They are deeply rooted in the very culture that us Lebanese take great pride in. We know the real thing and its Hashems. Thanks Hashems, you're the best!
- Lori T. Stafford, VA

Hashem's Nuts and Coffee Gallery is the best store in all of Dearborn! They have the nicest, easy-going guys working behind the counter, and they are willing to help anyone with anything. The prices are so inexpensive, you could could shopping there for your groceries and save a lot of money. Plus, the Middle Eastern items and the candies are the best around! It is honestly a store I am going to return to!
- Jad G. Dearborn, Mi

I was in a week ago to get some spices to bring back to Florida with me, as I grew up in Dearborn....also, some Turkish coffee and a rakweh. Ahmed was SO charming, talkative and genuine with my traveling needs. I can't imagine ever shopping anywhere else in Dearborn. Best customer service I've witnessed in a long time!!!
- Nicole H. Sarasota, FL

Service when I went to the store was very helpful when I had questions and even they were busy they had the time and courtesy to say hello to me and ask if I needed anything. The selection was great from nuts, coffee, coffee and canned goods.I also seen they have a website so I Ordered online and everything was shipped very promptly and in great order. Great people and service
- Kal B. Dearborn, MI

Incredibly friendly and courteous staff. I needed some Turkish coffee and was sent here by the folks at Shatla's - which is just down the road. Immediately upon entry I was made to feel welcome and at home. In minutes the gentlemen was blending and grinding beans for my Turkish coffee order and making small talk with me while I surveyed the shop's unique offerings. The owner came out and made small talk with my Mother in the interim.

The staff clearly wish to know their community -- they do this the old fashioned way by shaking hands and looking you in the eye... and smiling. How refreshing! The store itself is charming and smells INCREDIBLE. All sorts or household items -- for the kitchen to the bath -- are on display. I also needed a Turkish Coffee Pot (cezve/ibrik) and the gentlemen hooked me up with a simple but very nice one from Syria (inexpensive as well). They also directed me to their website for a video on how to expertly craft the perfect cup of Turkish coffee. My first batch was a huge success because of this video.

I loved Hashems and will be a customer as long as they are in business. Thanks so much for an unforgettable visit!

- Nick S. Bloomfield Hills, MI

Nicest guys ever. They were giving me samples left and right, and encouraging me to try whatever I wanted in the store. (not like I was eating the store, but how often does a store owner encourage you to do that, right?) Great selection of spices, coffee, nuts, Lebanese candies (which I had never had, and they're amazing) and a slew of other Middle Eastern goodies. I was showing my brother around who is a big foodie but isn't that familiar with that type of cuisine. They gave him the whole tour.
If you go there you will not be disappointed. You can tell they really love what they do.

- Nikki S. Hamtramck, MI

Dear Hashems, my husband and I love your site. He orders the roasted nuts religiously and his new love is the kri kri nuts. Your service is very good and the rep I spoke to was super friendly!
- Abir, B. Richardson, TX

It’s great to have a one stop shop for all Middle Eastern products. I made falafel sandwiches for my family and found all the ingredients on your site. The falafel spice and pickled turnips were awesome!
- May. A. Sacramento, CA

I ordered 30lbs of your Turkish coffee today! My entire generation is hooked. Please pack them in one pound bags. Thank you!
- W. S. Lakeside Marblehead, OH

Great service, great prices, great products………..
- T.G. South bend, IN

The pita bread you sent is unbelievably good…… We have to drive over two hours to get pita these good, tastes fresh out the oven. Thanks again.
- H.K. Burke, VA

Just to let you know, I have been very pleased with your company. I live in N.C. and have ordered from you for the last 7years. Best coffee and nuts!

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Hashems Nuts and Coffee Gallery is a Middle Eastern Foods company. Our main offerings include: Turkish Coffee, Roasted Nuts, Middle Eastern Spices, Baklava, Fresh Baked Pita Bread and many other traditional specialty foods.