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Maamoul Cookies Mixed

What is Maamoul

What is Maamoul

 Maamoul is a small ball or dome-shaped Middle Eastern pastry with a slightly crumbly crust that is stuffed with a sweet chewy filling.

Tahini so Many Different Ways

Tahini: So Many Different Ways To Love It

Tahini’s complex, nutty-fruity taste belies it simple origins. This is just a paste made of roasted sesame seeds and olive oil but for something that is so simple, it is incredibly versatile, delicious and popular, especially in the Middle East.

Stuffed Marrow Squash (Kousa Mahshi)

Prep Time

1 Hour, 15 Minutes +15 Minutes for stuffing

Cooking Time

1 Hour, 25 Minutes +7 Minutes for Stuffing


4-6 People



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