Jordan Almonds

Jordan Almonds – Interesting Facts About Jordan Almonds

Jordan Almonds – Interesting Facts About Jordan Almonds

Jordan almonds are roasted almonds that have a thin sugar coating. They come in different colors like pink, gold and blue and are very popular as wedding favors, particularly in Greek, Italian and Middle Eastern weddings. They are also used as party favors, baby favors and for bridal showers

One of the reasons behind the huge popularity of Jordan almonds on any of these occasions is because of what they have come to signify. The sugarcoating represents hope that life will be good and sweet rather than bitter, like the taste of uncoated almonds.   

History of Jordan Almonds 

It all started in the 15th century, when Europeans were introduced to the sweet taste of sugar cane. When the almonds were dipped in sugarcane juice, it transformed the taste and people couldn’t get enough of it. They were so enamored by the taste that very soon the sugared almonds were served as specialties at special events and occasions including marriages and christenings.  Rumor has it that more than 260lbs of Jordan almonds were consumed at the wedding banquet of Lucrezia Borgia, daughter of Pope Alexander VI. Today several cultures around the world still continue the tradition of giving these away as wedding favors. 

At Greek weddings, when these candies are given away as favors, they are always put together in odd numbers that cannot be divided. This symbolizes how the couple should be- indivisible. In the Middle East and Italy, Jordan almonds are associated with fertility. In Jordan, unmarried women put one of these candies under their pillow so they can dream of the man they will marry in the future. 

Different Colors of Jordan Almonds 

Considering that these almonds are steeped in so much tradition and history, it’s not surprising that the different colors have different symbolisms associated with them. White is usually offered at weddings to symbolize purity, green for engagements and silver for 25th wedding anniversaries. Pink or sky-blue colors are chosen for christenings depending on whether it is a boy or a girl. Small packs of assorted colors are often given away as party favors or they can also be put into gift baskets along with other confectionary. 

 Jordan almonds also come in a wide assortment of shapes from oval, heart-shaped, spherical or tear drop shaped.  They can be either smooth or textured. The different shapes and textures add even more variety to the options that are available to choose from. 

Different Ways to Package Jordan Almonds

The best part of these candies is their tremendous versatility. In addition to the diversity in shapes, sizes, textures and colors, they can also be packaged in innumerable ways so they always look different. 

When using them as favors, a cluster of these candies can be wrapped in tulle and tied up in a beautiful flowing ribbon. The color of the candies and the ribbon would depend upon the occasion. 

They can also be packed in a beautifully decorated box made of straw, paper, plastic or metal. Place them on a bed of colorful tissue paper along with a pair of champagne flutes as an anniversary gift or along with a set of glass bowls for a house warming or a pair of booties for a baby shower. 

No matter what the packing or the shape or the color of the candies, you know this is a gift that is sure to be appreciated. 

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