Lose Weight Naturally with Royal Regime Tea

Did you know there is a connection between herbal tea & weight loss? Royal Regime Tea is an all natural weight loss herbal tea. It has three different herbs with proven weight losing properties. It is composed of cichorium intybus herb, cassia angustifolia leaves and foeniculum vulgare fruits. Which are all natural herbs produced in Egypt. Many of our customers drink this tea on a daily basis and absolutely love it. We were skeptical when our customers first began telling us how much weight they lost, so we had one of our own employees try it and within a week he lost 4 lbs with no changes in diet or exercise. 

How does it work?

Cassia leaves have a laxative action; making the stools fluidly, and removes water from the body. Cichorium herbs are a natural diuretic, which promotes weight loss. Foeniculum also helps to remove water from the body. The vitamins and minerals of cichorium replace the loss of these substances by laxation, cichorium is reputed for its liver tonic action.< /p>

Welcomed side effect..

Royal regime weight loss tea is great for people who suffer from constipation. About half of our customers who buy Royal tea, purchase it for its abilities as a natural laxative. People with chronic constipation swear by this product and there are many great royal regime tea reviews online which praise this wonderful product.


It is not to be used with diuretic & other laxative drugs, cases of diarrhea & diverticulosis or intestinal obstruction and cases of pregnancy and lactation.


20% Cichorium intybus herb, 30% cassia angustiflia leaves, 50% foeniculum vulgare fruits. Made In Egypt.

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