Planning a Coffee Tasting

Planning A Coffee Tasting Event

Planning A Coffee Tasting Event

Maybe you’ve heard of a coffee shop or retail store putting together a coffee tasting, and have thought about the possibility of doing one.  What is a coffee tasting, and what’s involved?

You could plan for a single event, or for a series.  In either case, the first one should help the participants discover the big taste differences: medium roast vs dark; Central American vs Indonesian.  From there you may want to feature the more subtle tastes of individual origins, or even have a “rare coffee” tasting.  Bone up on the coffees you will feature in advance so that you have an interesting and informative story.

Market the heck out of the event.  Give flyers to your repeat customers, advertise on your web site and even try an inexpensive print ad of some type.  Coffee tastings have proven a good draw and provide excitement for both the customer and staff.

We suggest you hold a tasting for free, but you could decide to charge a fee if necessary. Paper 4 oz cups work fine.  Ceramic or glass is better, but can be impractical.  It’s best not to brew too far in advance and remember the importance of consistency:  in grinding, measuring and brewing.

Don’t be afraid to try a tasting.  While it involves extra work, it’s not very expensive and can make you the talk of the neighborhood.

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