3 Kings Charcoal 10 Rolls (Large Size)


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Three Kings high-grade charcoal is the industry standard when it comes to charcoal. This original charcoal lights quickly, lasts long and burns really clean. Some charcoals are not designed for the hookah and give a nasty flavor that takes away from your hookah experience. This is a 40mm size that is guaranteed genuine 3 kings charcoal not the fake charcoal they are selling at a cheaper price. These briquettes also work great for burning incense and herbs. Each box of 3 kings charcoal contains 100 self-lighting charcoal briquettes. 10 rolls x 10 pieces. We recommend buying 2 rolls of this 40mm charcoal for every 250gr box of tobacco. You should purchase 3 rolls if your a heavy smoker.

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