Regular Mixed Nuts 16 oz


Regular Mixed Nuts

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Always fresh and always delicious. These nuts are perfect for any party, engagement, gathering, when the big game is on or just as a snack. A wide selection of nuts ensures everyone will enjoy this awesome mix. Don’t buy nuts in a can that have been sitting on a store shelf for months. We roast the majority of our nuts on a daily basis, ensuring you get the freshest nuts.

Contains: Georgia peanuts, Sudani peanuts, Arabic style kri kri, chickpeas, salted almonds, bbq almonds, salted cashew, bbq pistachios, California pistachios, corn nuts, sesame kri kri, red skin peanuts, spicy kri kri, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, sweet Japanese kri kri.
Guaranteed to be fresh and delicious every time.
Mix may vary slightly, due to availability.
Weight 1.05 lbs


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