Dried Black Lemon


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Dried Black Lemon

This citrusy Dried Black Lemon fruit is a fresh lemon that has been oven-dried until all its water content has evaporated, turning the lime black. This results in an intense, lemony taste that goes especially well with chicken and seafood. Adding a few dried limes to the pot when boiling meats or chicken helps to get rid of that bad taste that is sometimes present. Its also known as, Loomi Basra, Dried Lime, Loomi, Amani, Omani, Noomi Basra, Black Lemon, and Black Lime.


Dried lemon is used to give foods and beverages a sour, lemony, or citrus-like flavor. They are widely used in Middle Eastern countries in a variety of foods including soups and stews. Breweries around the world have recently discovered these limes impart delicious flavors when making citrus-flavored beer. These dried limes are sometimes compared to the lemony taste of sumac.

Process of Making

Generally, dried lemon is made by two different processes. The black dried lemon such as these are harvested and essentially baked in special ovens that dry them out to a black color. The yellow dried lemons are essentially the same but differ in that they are sun-dried. The black lemon has a more intense flavor and both are completely free of chemicals and additives.


100% Fresh dried lemon

Wholesale accounts

We are the number one supplier of dried lemon to the brewery industry in the United States. Please feel free to contact our sales representative for inquiries on wholesale pricing of large quantities. 1-888-581-3212

For more information feel free to check this wiki page on dried lemon. If you are interested in recipes Andrew Zimmern has a great chicken recipe.


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