Dark-Roast Yemeni Mocha Coffee 16oz


Dark Roast Yemeni Mocha 16oz

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This Dark-Roast Yemeni Mocha Coffee is one of the most distinctive and delicious cups of coffee you will ever have. Mocha is actually the port city in Yemen where this coffee comes from and Its true Arabic name Al-Mahka. This coffee profile is often described as wild, complex, earthy, and lively. It has rich chocolate tones and hints of fruit.

Weight 1.03 lbs
Cardamom (Required)

None, Cardamom, X-Cardamom +$2.00, XX-Cardamom +$4.00, XXX-Cardamom +$6.00

Grind (Required)

Whole Bean, French Press, Drip Metal Filter, Drip Paper Filter, Espresso, Turkish


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