Ahmad Tea Ceylon Tea 500g


Ahmad Tea Ceylon Tea | 500g | Hillsides of Sri Lanka

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Ahmad Tea Ceylon Tea

This Ceylon tea is a blend of the finest high-grown teas from the hillsides of Sri Lanka. A delicate bright tea with a distinctive flavor and a beautiful golden color. The rich amber brew fills the mouth with an invigorating and satisfying burst of flavor that is brisk palate tingling yet refined. It can be served with milk or a slice of lemon for a truly refreshing experience. Pair with croissants or pains aux raisins at breakfast or with traditional afternoon tea sandwiches, rich fruit cakes and sweet pastries.
Ahmad Tea is a UK-based family business, drawing on four generations of tea blending and tasting experience. Founded on a passion for the finest tea, we are dedicated to the unique place that tea drinking commands at the heart of daily life in Britain and beyond.
Be sure to check out our tea section for a wide range of Ahmad Teas.
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