Al Kabous Tea 16 oz


Al Kabous Tea 16 oz

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We vowed ourselves to provide our clients the best largesse of tea plantations in the world represented in Al kabous tea, to be sure that Al kabous group is privileged with its outstanding natural quality for more than 70 years till now.
From natural fields -the finest tea plantations in the world- comes Al Kabous Tea, tea leaves are carefully selected and daily harvested manually to guarantee its containment of the high quality, unprecedented taste, and emphasize its unmatched purity.
Our love and passion for tea since old times, and our commitment to provide the best leaves of tea plantations, made Al kabous tea with pride- the most popular and out loved tea to the satisfaction and desirability of consumer in Yemen, and expanded its fame to find impressive growing demand wherever it existed.
Al Kabous tea features a combination of wonderful taste and pure golden red color that provides you with a classical experience of a high value tea and flood you with joy and vitality, to enjoy the most pleasing times with an indulging taste that takes you to the a world of amazing sensations.


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