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Falafel Mold, Yellow Brass

This Falafel mold is a commercial grade, high quality product that is perfect for making Middle Eastern falafel. This is our best selling falafel mold
both online and in our retail stores. This falafel maker is spring loaded for maximum efficiency and is built to last. Great for quantity control as
you get an exact amount of falafel every time. Used most in restaurants, festivals and other places and events where a lot of falafel needs to be made
quickly and efficiently. This mold is roughly 4″ and the mold head measures 1.75″. We guarantee that it will not rust and will last a long time.

How To Make Falafel Using Molds

Hold down the spring loaded lever and fill the mold with your favorite falafel recipe mix using the spatula thats included. Then simply hold the falafel
mold over the hot oil and release the lever. The falafel will be perfectly round and molded into the traditional falafel shape. Try adding Hashem’s
authentic Falafel Spice to your
falafel recipe.

Suggested Serving

Although some falafel recipes call for baking, authentic falafel is best enjoyed fried. After you fry the falafel, split a piece of pita bread

in half and lay 3 or 4 falafels across the bread. Chopped parsley and tomatoes then go on top and
pickled turnips
aka “left” are added to the next layer. The last step is to add the
tahini sauce
also known as “tarator”. Then just wrap it up and enjoy!
Everything you need to make falafel is available on our site. Including falafel mix, falafel spice, tahini sauce, pita bread and pickled turnips.


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