Immature Green Sour Plums Janarik 16oz


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Immature Green Sour Plums

These sour green plums are fresh and available for a limited time only. Also known as “generic” or “jerank” in the Middle Eastern world.
Due to the perishable nature of these fruits we will on ship this product out when it will arrive to you within the same week. If not we will delay the
order till the following Monday.
Please note, neither Hashems nor UPS will be responsible for the condition in which these fruits arrive. There is no refunds, no returns or exchanges on
this product, order at your own risk. 
We have been shipping this product so far with zero complaints, all plums are shipped out fresh, firm and delicious.

Please note, due to extremely high demand and limited availability, when you place an order you will be put into the queue. You’re order will be shipped when the product is available, which may mean the order will be delayed. It may also mean there is a chance you may not receive any at all, at which point you will be refunded. Yes the demand is that high. Good luck! lol



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