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This honey comes to you all the way from the lush mountains of Lebanon. Jabal El Sheikh Honey is one of those products that goes well beyond expectations. Never have you tasted a honey with such a distinct flavor profile. This honey is harvested from the mountainous area of Jabal El Sheik by bees from Orange Blossom and Spring Mountain flowers, which gives it a unique flavor sought after by chefs everywhere.

It all started from the summits of Jabal El Shiekh (Mount Hermon), a sacred mountain for the people of the region and the highest summit in the eastern mountain range of Lebanon. Known by French colonists as the “Mountain of a thousand flowers&rdquo, Mount Hermon is also the birthplace of the Jabal El Sheikh Honey brand.The region offers a rich source of wild flowers and plants well known for their curative properties. In this cherished area, bees journey to produce one of nature’s most unique gifts, honey.


Honey. Made In Lebanon.


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