Middle Eastern Markouk Bread | Lavash Bread | Saj Thin Bread


Middle Eastern Markouk Bread | Lavash Bread | Saj Thin Bread

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Middle Eastern Markouk Thin Saj Lavash Bread

This Turkish Lavash thin bread, also known as “Middle Eastern Markouk Bread”, is made using a “saj”. Imagine flipping a wok upside down with burning wood underneath and laying thin dough atop for only a few seconds leaving the bread golden brown on both sides. This traditional homemade saj bread is as authentic as they come and you will still find grandmothers making this bread at home on a saj oven.

This bread goes by many names such as saj bread, shrak bread, Arabic thin bread, and lavash bread. Our Markouk bread is baked fresh daily and is made with 75 percent wheat flour. Markouk made with 100 percent wheat flour turns out chewy and not very appetizing. Many people also call it Lebanese bread but it’s made all over the Middle East.

Markouk Saj Bread Serving Suggestion

Open the loaf and spread all your favorite cheeses such as kiri , jams, meats or any other ingredients on the bread. We like to spread puck cream cheese spread on it and warm it in the oven for a few minutes. And we all know nothing tastes better than warm markouk bread with Labne in Olive Oil.
Simply warm the bread and spread the labne all over with some olive oil. If your really in the mood for a treat, sprinkle some zaatar on top and make a warm cup of Ceylon tea for a wonderful and traditional Middle Eastern breakfast.
You get six to seven 24″ loaves

Check out our blog on markouk bread that also includes a recipe… MARKOUK BLOG


Flour, wheat flour, water, yeast and salt. May contain rice flour. Made In USA.

Due to its highly sensitive nature, we do not guarantee this item. We recommend next day air, customer assumes full responsibility. NO REFUNDS OR REPLACEMENTS

All bread orders will be held to the following Monday, if it can not be delivered within that work week.

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