The New Book of Middle Eastern Food Hardcover


The New Book of Middle Eastern Food Hardcover

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In this updated and greatly enlarged edition of her Book of Middle Eastern Food, Claudia Roden re-creates a classic. The book was originally published
here in 1972 and was hailed by James Beard as “a landmark in the field of cookery”; this new version represents the accumulation of the author’s thirty
years of further extensive travel throughout the ever-changing landscape of the Middle East, gathering recipes and stories.
Now Ms. Roden gives us more than 800 recipes, including the aromatic variations that accent a dish and define the country of origin: fried garlic and cumin
and coriander from Egypt, cinnamon and allspice from Turkey, sumac and tamarind from Syria and Lebanon, preserved lemon
and harissa from North Africa. She has worked out simpler approaches to traditional dishes, using healthier ingredients and time-saving methods without
ever sacrificing any of the extraordinary flavor, freshness, and texture that distinguish the cooking of this part of the world.
Throughout these pages she draws on all four of the region’s major cooking styles:
– The refined haute cuisine of Iran, based on rice exquisitely prepared and embellished with a range of meats, vegetables, fruits, and nuts
– Arab cooking from Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan–at its finest today, and a good source for vegetable and bulgur wheat dishes
– The legendary Turkish cuisine, with its kebabs, wheat and rice dishes, yogurt salads, savory pies, and syrupy pastries
– North African cooking, particularly the splendid fare of Morocco, with its heady mix of hot and sweet, orchestrated to perfection in its couscous dishes
and tagines
From the tantalizing mezze–those succulent bites of filled fillo crescents and cigars, chopped salads, and stuffed morsels, as well as tahina, chickpeas,
and eggplant in their many guises–to the skewered meats and savory stews and hearty grain and vegetable dishes, here is a rich array of the cooking
that Americans embrace today. No longer considered exotic–all the essential ingredients are now available in supermarkets, and the more rare can be
obtained through mail order sources (readily available on the Internet)–the foods of the Middle East are a boon to the home cook looking for healthy,
inexpensive, flavorful, and wonderfully satisfying dishes, both for everyday eating and for special occasions.
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