Zamzam Holy Water: Origin, History & Interesting Facts

Zamzam holy water comes from the Zamzam well in Saudi Arabia. The well itself has a depth of 35 meters and it is located in Mecca, which is the center of the Hajj pilgrimage.  This well has been a boon to millions of people who have quenched their thirst from the waters of this well, especially when they go on a Hajj pilgrimage. 

This well has also been associated with some of the most prominent personalities in Islam including Prophets Ibrahim, Muhammad and Ismail as well as Hajira, Ismail’s mother. 

The Bait-ul-Allah, a building that was built originally by Prophet Adam at the site of the Zamzam well was later reconstructed by Prophet Ibrahim. Today, that building is known as the Kaaba, the holiest of places for all Muslims. 

No matter which part of the word they may be in, all Muslims face the Kaaba when they pray. A distance of 20 meters separates the Kaaba from the Zamzam well. 

Interesting Facts
According to Zamzam holy water facts, Zamzam water is considered holy by the followers of Islam. The water has never dried up in its known history. In fact, it has gone on record as always having water for the tired and the thirsty, no matter how many. 

Another interesting fact is that the taste and the salt composition have stayed exactly the same through the years. Although there has been occasional talk about the quality of the water, Hajj pilgrims from all over the world have been drinking it for years without any problems whatsoever. 

Instead, they have always testified as to the refreshing quality of the water. This is thought to be due to the higher levels of calcium and magnesium salts in the water. 

This water is totally untreated. Unlike water that is supplied to cities, this water remains free of any type of chemicals or chlorine. It is not required, because of the higher levels of fluoride, which acts as an effective germicide. 

One of the miracles of this water is that it is capable of satisfying both, thirst as well as hunger. According to Prophet Muhammad, the water of the Zamzam well is the best water available on earth because of its ability to satisfy thirst and hunger. It nourishes families and also helps them heal from different types of illnesses. 

There are records of several prominent people in Islam stating that they survived on this water and nothing else for the entire month.
During Umra and Hajj, pilgrims are encouraged to drink this water in abundance to quench their thirst and to cure their ailments.  It is a tradition to bring back a can or two of this holy water for family and friends who were unable to do the pilgrimage. 

In more recent times, after the debate about the quality of the water, scientists have tested the waters and found that the rumors were untrue and the water remains pure and drinkable. Moreover, its higher calcium levels make the water healthier than water from other sources. 

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