History of Coffee Part 2

History Of Coffee Part Two

Coffee first came to Europe through the port of Venice. Because of their vibrant trade with North Africa, it was through these Venetian merchants that coffee was introduced to the rest of Europe.

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It's time for new crop coffee

It’s Time For New Crop Coffee

Yea! It’s springtime, signifying the end of winter, regeneration, new birth and freshness. It is also when many countries’ freshly picked coffees start arriving here in the States.

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Maamoul Cookies Mixed

What is Maamoul

Maamoul is a small ball or dome-shaped Middle Eastern pastry with a slightly crumbly crust that is stuffed with a sweet chewy filling.

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Markouk thin bread

All About Markouk Saj Bread

Markouk saj bread is a traditional Middle Eastern bread, which is cooked on a kind of convex metal griddle called a ‘saj’. It is also commonly called just markouk or markook.

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