Zaatar Halabi 7 oz


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Zaatar Halabi Dukka

This version of zaatar differs in its unique red color from the toasted chick pea and sumac, its light and mild flavor is less spicy than the traditional green zaatar.  “Zaatar Halabi”originates from Syria (Halab) and is a premium mixture of thyme, sesame seeds, sumac and other high quality ingredients specifically designed for the making of “Thyme Pies” and other popular Middle Eastern dishes. After 50 years of importing zaatar from all over the  Middle East, this zaatar is the winner and its here to stay. We ship this zaatar to Middle Eastern bakeries all over the United States.




Thyme, toasted chick peas, toasted mixed spices, vegetable oil, salt, toasted sesame seeds, sumac.




Weight .49 lbs


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