Kafta Spice 4oz


Kafta Spice | Kofta Kabob | Authentic Middle Eastern Baharat

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Kafta Spice

This kafta spice is also referred to as Kofta. It is a unique blend of 8 Middle Eastern spices perfectly blended to give you that authentic kafta taste.

Kafta is one of our favorite dishes. In its simplest form, finely ground meat is mixed with parsley, onions, and kafta spice and is eaten raw or cooked. The trick in making a delicious dish is to add only enough spice to compliment the meat. This creates the perfect balance of flavors between the two.  Kafta is usually formed as kabobs and grilled, but because it’s a Middle Eastern meatball, the shapes, sizes, and uses are limitless.  Kafta is usually made from lamb meat but can also be made from beef and chicken.

Try spreading the prepared kafta meat on pita bread. You can then put it under the broiler in the oven until the meat is cooked.

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