Hashems Coffee “Azzaa” Coarse 16oz


Hashem’s Signature Blend Turkish Coffee For “Azzaa” 16oz

Traditionally Hashems Coffee For “Azzaa” is prepared when a friend or family member passes away. A special coffee is made to serve the guests that have come to pay their respects. That coffee is known as “qahwah saeda” or “qahwah for 3azaa”. This is a coarse ground coffee that is mixed 2/3 light roast and 1/3 dark roast. It’s ground this way because the coffee is usually boiled in a large pot for up to 3 hours. We send you this coffee mixed 2/3 light and 1/3 dark if you would like it mixed any other way please call us 1-888-581-3212.

Weight 1.03 lbs
Cardamom (Required)

None, Cardamom, X-Cardamom +$2.00, XX-Cardamom +$4.00, XXX-Cardamom +$6.00


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