Mocha Java 16oz


Mocha Java 16oz

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Our Mocha Java is actually a blend of three different coffees. The first coffee is a Sumatran Mandheling (man-day-ling) – Mandheling is a region of Sumatra that produces one of the heaviest-bodied coffees available. A full and robust flavor that blends well with other coffees. The second is a Yemen Mocha – A rare coffee, that’s often called “the original cultivated coffee”. It has a complete taste with body and snap but with subtle overtones. The third is a Ethiopian Ghimbi (gim-bee) – From the western side of Ethiopia. It exhibits a spicy wildness, fine flavor, and relatively good body. This blend is one of our most popular blends with cafes and coffee shops.

Weight 1.03 lbs

Drip, Espresso, French Press, Turkish, Whole Bean


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