Turkish Coffee 50 Light/50 Dark 16 oz


Turkish Coffee by Hashems.com | World Famous Since 1959

Turkish Coffee by Hashems

This Turkish Coffee is a medium blend and is by far our best selling Coffee. It consists of 50% light beans and 50% dark beans, mixed together to create a perfectly balanced aroma and flavor. The light beans, which are a grade A Colombian Excelso, give a tart or “hamotha” taste. The dark beans are a proprietary blend of 5 gourmet coffees from around the world and give the coffee a bitter or “mourra” taste. The combination of the two gives you a harmonious blend that is not bitter or tart. This blend is the reason why people stopped bringing Turkish coffee beans back from the Middle East.

Since 1959 the Hashem family has been roasting their exclusive signature blend Turkish Coffee. As in music, we believe the perfect cup of coffee is an art form, every note coming together in a harmonious melody of perfectly balanced aromas and velvety textures. Our relationship with coffee has led us to understand its intimate nature. Our dance brings out the true tone and subtle nuances from the depth of our coffees soul. It is ground only moments before being whisked away to you. One kiss and you will dance this song forever.

What is Turkish Coffee? 

It is a “style” of serving coffee and can be made from any bean in the world. Just because it is called “Turkish Coffee” doesn’t mean the actual beans must come from Turkey. As long as the beans are ground to a super fine consistency and prepared in a Turkish coffee pot or “ibrik, then it is considered Turkish Coffee. Wiki has an interesting article. Wiki Article On Turkish Coffee


How to make Turkish Coffee Recipe



3 Turkish coffee cup size of cold water; preferably natural spring water

3 Heaping TS of coffee (the general rule of thumb is 1 heaping teaspoon of coffee for every cup of coffee)

Sugar to taste;

-Bring water to a temperature of around 200°F in a Turkish coffee pot. When small bubbles begin to rise, you know you are close to the right temperature.
-Water temperature will greatly affect the final product; Temps of around 200°F will give you a thicker, more velvety coffee. Higher temps will result in a more viscous product.
-Take the pot off the flame, add desired amount of sugar and mix thoroughly. Do not add sugar while pot is still on the flame, it will boil over.
-Add Turkish coffee to the pot and stir until well mixed.
Caution!!!!! Follow these next steps carefully or coffee will boil over, creating a big mess.
-Return pot to the flame under low heat and wait for the coffee to slowly rise. When it rises, you want to either take it off the flame or continuously scoop into a spoon. If you see the coffee begin to overflow, take the pot off the flame.
-Return coffee to flame and let it slowly rise, the trick is to let the coffee rise as high as you can without it boiling over.
-Repeat two or three times in total.
-Now turn off the flame and cover the pot with a small plate to keep warm. Let it rest for around 3 minutes to let the grounds settle to the bottom.
-Then pour and enjoy.



-Be sure not to pour the coffee at the bottom of the pot as you will be serving the grounds. When serving coffee to multiple guests, it is customary to pour just a little in each persons cup first and then go back and fill the cups all the way so that everyone may get a little bit of the crema from the pot.

-A glass of cold water should be served with the coffee.

-After a person drinks the coffee, it is tradition to leave a very small amount in the bottom of the cup and flip it upside down for a minute or so. When you flip it back over, there will be different designs that the grounds create on the walls of the cup that can be read by someone who is a fortune teller!!!

-This video will give step by step instructions on how to make Turkish coffee. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9FA0jatPfs

Weight 1.03 lbs
Cardamom (Required)

None, Cardamom, X-Cardamom +$2.00, XX-Cardamom +$4.00, XXX-Cardamom +$6.00


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