Green Cedar Labneh In Olive Oil 16 oz


Labneh In Olive Oil Green Cedar

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Traditonal Labne Sandwich
         Traditional Arabic Labneh Sandwich.

Labneh In Olive Oil by Green Cedar

This Labneh In Olive Oil by Green Cedar is a top seller in our retail shops and online. They take delicious Green Cedar Labneh, roll it up into balls, and immerse it in olive oil. The Labneh becomes infused with the great taste of the oil itself. Spread it on Pita Bread and sprinkle some of our famous zaatar seasoning on it for an authentic Middle Eastern snack.

Disclaimer: This product will arrive non refrigerated. The label will say “keep refrigerated” because this product is best served cold and it will have a longer shelf life if kept refrigerated. The time between us shipping it and you getting it will have no effect on this product. The oil that its in serves as a protector.

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