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Yasmeen Pita Bread

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Pita Bread Yasmeen

Our Pita Bread, from Yasmeen, is soft, warm, and delicious. Yasmeen Pita Bread does not contain any fats or preservatives, therefore, can be frozen for months at a time.
Traditionally, pita bread is used to compliment your dish or as the foundation. Open your pita bread and stuff all your favorite ingredients. The Mediterranean people have been making this pita bread for thousands of years, hence, it is a staple in their cuisine. Most people use pita bread for dipping and scooping appetizers such as hummus and grape leaves. However, other people make them into sandwiches stuffing all sorts of ingredients from falafel to deli meats. Therefore, anything is possible with pita bread.

Because of its great taste and texture, customers have voted this the number one bread. Both online and in our retail shops.

Uses Dipping, Baking, Rolling, or Topping.

Because this pita bread is highly sensitive, we do not guarantee it. We recommend shipping it next-day air. The customer assumes full responsibility. NO REFUNDS OR REPLACEMENTS WILL BE ISSUED.

All bread orders will not be shipped until the following Monday if they cannot be shipped to be received in the same work week.


Flour, wheat flour, water, sugar, yeast, and salt. Made In the USA.

See our Chef and friend Julie Taboulie toast Pita bread and put it in her Famous Fattoush Salad Recipe

Recipe https://www.julietaboulie.com/fattoush  

Check out Julie’s great video on using pita bread in fattoush


Here’s how we use Pita Bread in our Chicken Shawarma recipe.


The only way to Enjoy Falafel is to Wrap it in a Warm Pita Bread.
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