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Kiri Cheese Wedges – a la creme

Kiri cheese has a distinctive taste you won’t find anywhere else. It’s made with pure milk and fresh cream. Kids loves this fun Kiri cheese wedges and adults enjoy spreading them on crackers, Yasmeen pita bread or gourmet toasts.

Children and babies are especially fond of this cheese for its smooth texture and wonderful flavor thats not to sharp. Adults love it in the mornings during breakfast with markouk thin bread and a nice cup of warm ceylon tea.

Similar Cheeses

This Kiri cheese spread is somewhat similar to la vache qui rit laughing cow cheese and also close to boy cheese by regal picon. Laughing cow cheese is a sharper cheese with kiri having a milder profile but not lacking in flavor. Kiri is made by the Bel Group based out of Paris, France, there core cheeses include kiri, laughing cow, babybel and boursin.

Suggested Serving
Kiri is extremely versatile and goes great on almost any type of bread. Many people split a piece of warm pita bread in half and spread kiri cheese on it and roll it into a sandwich that can then be enjoyed with tea.
Many mothers give it to their babies because it is sugar free and has a soft texture that your baby will love. Because it’s a milder cheese your kids will love it.
Nutrition Facts Summary
 Serving Size: 1 Wedge Calories: 60 Fat: 6g Carbs:<1g
Protein: 1.5gr

Ingredients –  Please see picture above.

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