An Edible Mosaic by Faith Gorsky


An Edible Mosaic: By Faith Gorsky | Middle Eastern Cook Book | Over 140 Pages

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SKU: P0LION8T0E Category: Tag: is pleased to announce the sale of Faith Gorsky’s book, An Edible Mosaic. We are also happy to announce the Faith Gorsky recipes page with recipes and photos from Faith herself.
When Faith Gorsky married her Middle Eastern husband, she married more than just the man. She found herself introduced to a culture and cuisine that would forever change how she experienced food and cooking.

Faith’s mother-in-law took her under her wing and in 6 months gave her a thorough course in Middle Eastern cooking that became the basis for her popular website, An Edible Mosaic. The growth and success of her website and her own developing interest led to more trips to the Middle East, deepening her knowledge of the cuisine which she shares in An Edible Mosaic.

In it, the book of the same name, Faith imparts her favorite Middle Eastern recipes, recipes anyone can make with a little work and some help from Faith! Her love for the cuisine of her husband’s homeland shows in her enthusiasm for these dishes and the awareness that food is more than just a means of sustenance for the people of the Middle East—it lies at the epicenter of their gatherings with family and friends.

Recipes from the book include:

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